Stuff those bikinis in a back drawer, grab a #PSL and your fave chunky knit… Fall is here! Here are a few reasons I love the season. (And, scroll to the bottom of the post to enter to win a bag from Lily Jade! Yes, it’s happening.)

1. Ankle booties.

11 Reasons I Love Fall

I love my gray suede booties, and somehow, they have a way of making even the most sloppy mom outfit look like it was totally planned (even when covered in kid poop water, which yes, has happened). A sassy ankle booty, or even a low chunky heel, is the perfect mom accessory because it’s easy-to-wear, and it makes my husband’s white t-shirt look like it was a totally-planned part of my now-put-together-looking outfit. Did I plan this sloppy outfit? Why yes. Just look at my shoes. And now, my pajamas are officially part of a fashion statement I can wear to preschool drop-off. For. The. Win.

(Note: Photo above from recent NYC trip is most certainly NOT what I wear to preschool drop-off. And might be the nicest I’ve looked in months. Or even years.)

2. Bikini season is over. I mean, hell to the yes! (Right?!?) Of course, this is coming from your favorite blogger who posts monthly bikini pictures of herself, like a masochist. But yes, even I am saying hallelujah because swimsuit season is over, because now, my baby weight can just flop in the chilly breeze. Finally, we can just cuddle up in a good chunky sweater without trying to tuck in our third-baby-slash-love-handle pudge. Praise Jesus.

3. Starbucks #PSL. I mean, the darn drink has its own hashtag, do I really need to say much more? In my circle of friends, anticipation of the pumpkin spice latte starts in, like literally, June.  Now if only I could figure out a way to get through the Starbucks drive-thru without cake pop riots erupting in the third row.

4. Dark nails. I had to add this in, since a fresh mani is one of my favorite ways to feel put-together, even when my mom life is falling apart at the seams. Incidentally, my hubby loves when I have a metallic navygray or black nail polish gleamin’ on the ol’ lady claws, and fall is just perfect for that. Also, I find that a dark nail adds a slight edge to the normally boring ol’ suburban mom outfit. The She Just Glows’ fashionista department (A.K.A. my fave stylish friend who gives me pointers) also recommends deep red and chocolate brown polish too. Gimme somma that.

5. The kids are back in school. Well, for me, it’s just the preschooler. But, like duh, this is awesome because I finally have 2 solid hours to myself. Except that I still have the toddler and the baby with me, but at least the preschooler is asking someone else why dogs have tongues and who the moon’s mother is. At least until 11:45am. Winning.

6. Girlfriend jeans.

11 Reasons I Love Fall

Girlfriend jeans are apparently the new trend, and I’m totally on-board. My hip friends tell me they’re basically an updated version of the boyfriend jean that’s a little slimmer and less baggy. And certainly an upgrade from yoga pants. I’m all about it. And kind of obsessed with these from 7 For All Mankind (jeans, not yoga pants).

7. This bag.

11 Reasons I Love Fall

I’m loving Lily Jade even more than usual right now because they just released a few new styles (here, here and here), and I got my hands on the Meggan in black, which I love for its square shape, and oodles of space for burp rags, diapers and the occasional errant toddler shoe (let’s be honest). In case you’re not familiar with my dear friends at Lily Jade, I’ve blogged of my love for them before (I already have the Elizabeth bag). Their bags are an investment, but I love that they don’t look like diaper bags, and thus, will outlive the baby days in both style and function. (My sanity may be another story.) Inside, there’s this red insert that you can put all your kiddo stuff into and then leave with the nanny or the gym or the church nursery. Or, if your kids are sick and you’re not getting a break today, just grab the whole darn thing, put on some snazzy outfits and head downtown, where you can walk on cobblestone streets with 3 kids in these outfits and pretend you normally dress like this. (Bahahaaaaaa. NOT.)

11 Reasons I Love Fall

We tried to meet the hubs for lunch after this pic, but after a kid-attempted hallway climb, a 4-button push in the elevator, and nearly breaking the glass door in the office lobby, I nobly waved the white flag, loaded the kids in the car and headed right back home. I like to think it takes a real woman to know when to just give up.

11 Reasons I Love Fall

8. Lipstick. (And just, more makeup in general on the haggard mom face.) Because where I live, it’s 90 degrees and a million percent humidity most of the year, the chilly air of fall seems to make lipstick-wearing a tad more appropriate. And I just read that all the colors from the 90’s are back in, like bright fuchsia and deep red. Harper’s Bazaar said this red by L’oreal Paris is one of the 10 best new lipsticks this fall (and I found it on Amazon), and I’m also itching to try this one from Revlon. Plus, a bright lip is a great way to look less tired. Bammmmm.

9. Planning Christmas pictures. Yes, I start now. Because, well, let’s be honest… that first fall breeze means I can finally retire the boring cotton tank tops I’ve been sweating through since April, and start making outfits waaaaay more interesting with layers and colors and different fabrics. (And we all know layers are also more flattering on the ol’ post-baby bod, too.) But for real, by the time October rolls around, my sweaters, boots, jackets and scarves are so excited to finally be worn that they’re about to bust out of my closet. So, it only makes sense that I come up with several fallish, coordinating outfit options for the whole family to wear. Comprised of things like tweed, leather, heavy denim and corduroy. And, of course, since these are completely unrealistic toddler-parent clothing options for daily life, a photo must be taken to capture said once-a-year fashion moment in action. And thus, we have our Christmas picture.

10. Putting pumpkin in e’rythang. Like, even my green smoothie. One of my favorite fall green smoothie recipes is to take my Mounds Bar Green Smoothie and add in 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree in place of the cacao powder. Soooooo good and healthy! (You can buy canned pumpkin, but since I’m really cheap, I like to buy the gourds themselves, steam them, puree and freeze in ice cube trays. It also makes a great homemade baby food.)

11. Scarves. There’s nothing like a nice pop of color near the face to take the attention off of… well, whatever else we don’t want attention on. It’s one of my favorite tricks to looking put-together when I only have 5 minutes to get ready, and also I love that it’s a cheap, easy change-up to the style routine. Just wear simple, monochromatic basics (like all black, or jeans and a neutral shirt) and then throw on a statement scarf! Now, that’s something I can do even with 3 kids crying in unison while we’re 10 minutes late and the toddler says something about hiding the keys in the Transformer. But, back to the scarves. Previously-mentioned fashionista friend especially likes infinity scarves in chunky cable knits or bright patterns. Gee, do you think I could call myself a fashion blogger now? LOL kidding. Unless yoga pants are a category. In which case I’m an expert.

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