This post is part of my series, A Real Picture of Post-Pregnancy, where I document my journey of postpartum weight loss and getting back to real life after giving birth to my third baby in 4 years, including losing 52 pounds of baby weight. (For my raw, unedited look at my 10 months of pregnancy, check out my series, A Real Picture of Pregnancy.)

A Real Picture of Post-Pregnancy & Postpartum Weight Loss: 1 Month

Yep, I just posted that picture.

I went back and forth for days about whether I’d have the nerve to do it.

But now, it’s done. And here it is.

This is me, 4 weeks after giving birth.

The fact is, I have 38 pounds to lose to get to pre-baby weight, and it feels pretty freaking overwhelming.

(I may or may not have eaten half a box of Cheez-Its after seeing this picture.)

But, let’s start with the good news.

First, I get to spend my days with this amazing guy, and I realize that all else fails in importance to this precious life that I am so thankful for. Plus, this is the amazing view I get to wake up to. (Seriously, who can get enough of those yummy lips?!?)


I’ve also started to clean up my eating. Slowly but surely, my preggo Taco Bell and Pringles cravings have given way to green smoothies and strawberries (topped with my 3-ingredient chia pudding).

FullSizeRender-2      IMG_5587

But to be honest, these last few weeks have been cyclical. I’ll eat great for a couple days, and then I’ll totally fall off the wagon. Two steps forward, one step back.

Case(s) in point:

IMG_5688      IMG_5619

My husband’s still on paternity leave, which has been amazing, but it seems to make everyday feel like a weekend. And thus, cookies and cake for all. Does anyone else feel that way after baby? It seems like the return to “normal” takes forever, and the days start to blur together into one giant holiday. (I’m not complaining, as it’s been awesome to have my husband home, but eating-wise, I’m really struggling with the lack of routine and schedule.) We’re also leaving on a week-long vacation this week, so again, I find myself saying: “What’s the point? Pass me another cookie.”

On that note, the thought of exercise is daunting. Let me start over. The thought of leaving my house with 3 children is terrifying. Add in exercise and keeping the kids entertained for a 40-minute cardio circuit, and you will find me in the fetal position in my bed, eating cookie butter and watching Downton Abbey on repeat.

I haven’t hit the 6-week mark yet, so my doctor hasn’t cleared me to work out, but the truth is, I could totally do some light cardio. But how do I bring the kids to the gym? The baby hasn’t had his shots yet, and he’s too young for the kids club. I could at least take a walk through the neighborhood, I tell myself. Buuuut, our ‘hood has no sidewalks. Which means the preschooler would be on his scooter, and I’d be trying to entertain the younger 2 with snacks on one side of our double stroller and white noise on the other. And then, there are the nursing boobs.

The thing is, despite that last paragraph, I’m really not an excuses type of person. But, what I’m starting to realize, and accept, is that everything is harder with more kids. Gone are the days of bringing one kid to the gym, or putting one baby in the stroller for a quick run. I have 3 people to keep track of now. Which is simultaneously awesome and daunting.

Still, I know that my biggest ally in getting fit again is a positive attitude.

An attitude that I love my body, no matter what.

Yep, that’s been tough too.

Because, right now, I’m bigger than I was after either of my other pregnancies. I am not exaggerating when I say that none of my clothes fit. Even my biggest, “after baby” clothes don’t button, zip or fit comfortably. For a couple weeks, I was making the best of it, rotating my 1 pair of maternity shorts (that ripped in the crotch in the final preggo days… that’ll always make you feel good) and a few cotton maternity shirts that still clung to my engorged boobs and weren’t long enough to cover my love handles.

After a few days of feeling like a stuffed sausage, I stopped myself.

I am worth it.

So, that day, I went to H&M and got 6 shirts that are nice and roomy, including this one that I wore to date night with our little man. I’d hesitated on buying new clothes, but then I decided that I am worth being comfortable during these few weeks (months?) of transition. The new clothes are a small something that only I will notice, but feeling good matters to me, and therefore it’s worth placing priority on.


So that’s my honest, real update for my first month as a mom of 3.

I’m thankful for this beautiful new life, and grateful for what my body has done. But, I’m ready for the love handles and cellulite to take a hike. Still, I’m choosing to give my body grace for all that it’s done.

That’s the long and the short of it. Or, the fat and the fit of it, if you will.


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This month’s stats

Pre-pregnancy weight: 148
Birth day weight: 200
Start of plan (1 month postpartum): 186
Pounds lost: 14
Pounds to go: 38

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