Do you ever miss the validation and recognition that came with your job outside the home? In this episode of She Just Glows: The Podcast, I’m sharing new anecdotes and this 2021 post.

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Yep, I do. I miss having accomplishments that everyone can see. Sometimes it feels like mothering is invisible.

Yes it sounds ego-centric. But I know you get it.

I miss the applause.

I miss having accomplishments that everyone could see. That others would celebrate. My successes clearly enumerated in work victories in my TV news world: breaking news, exclusives and live shots.

Today, when I potty train or clean up the coffee my 6-year-old spilled all over the kitchen floor, no one applauds that. (Duh I’m not expecting that.)

But it’s work. It’s my effort. And it’s something.

But sometimes, motherhood feels like an invisible job.

The tasks are circular. They start, and never end. Laundry, dishes, clean up, feed, clean up again.

Compared to a career that was start, do, finish each day, motherhood feels… well, kind of aimless. (It’s no wonder so many moms feel depressed.)

I don’t get a grade at the end of each day. I don’t really even know how I’m doing.

What is an accomplished day as a mom? Can you even define it?

Is it a clean house? Is it well-behaved kids? Is it being early to every appointment?

Would I even feel accomplished with all of those?

Probably not.

You are never alone but maybe you feel lonelier than ever. You never stop moving but yet you don’t know what you’ve done today. If you feel purposeless, I get it. (That’s why I started Joy Coaching With Janie! If you need support, share your info in the online form. Like, now. *wink*)

It’s okay to miss the applause.

It’s okay to long for validation from outside of your home.

This isn’t forever. I promise.

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