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Sometimes I can’t put an idea into words, and then someone else nails it on the head! That happened recently when a reader commented on a Facebook post, and her thoughts inspired this post!

Why is parenting young kids so hard?

Because, on its own, picking up Goldfish crumbs and wiping butts isn’t that hard.

But it is constant.

And repetitive.

And, well… the work never really ends.

Here’s the deal:

Having young kids is hard because most of the tasks that are required are circular.

Let me explain what I mean.

You make the breakfast. The kids eat the breakfast. You clean up the kids and clean up the table, then sweep the floor. About an hour later, the whole process happens again, except with a different food.

It’s circular. You can’t see the progress. And it repeats, all day long.

I’ve written before about how motherhood sometimes feels like an invisible job. And when I break down my day, I realize that most of what I do right now are circular chores. Tasks that truly have no beginning and no end, because they are always in-cycle.

Like, keeping my car clean, wiping down the bathroom, picking up toys.

And of course, LAUNDRY:

Dress the kids. The clothes get dirty. The clothes go in the laundry. Start the laundry, switch it to the dryer, then heap it somewhere, and then, at least in my house, spend 1 to 5 days folding and putting it all away. Then, the kids wear the clothes again, and the circle continues.

It’s not that it’s bad. Because clean clothes and fed kids are important. They are, in fact, my current jobs. But they are circular, and in many ways, mind-numbing.

Sometimes, I find myself craving something linear.

Something where I can see the progress. Because it goes in a straight line.

Like, reading a book.

Or sewing a new outfit. (Gosh, it’s been years!)

Or losing the baby weight. (The “baby” is almost 2, sigh.)

Or writing this post.

Because you know what’s great about linear projects?

There is progression.

There are results.

And when I’m done, I’m really done.

They have a beginning, a middle and an end.

And while we all know that we’re never really done being parents, sometimes, it’d be nice to get a reprieve from the never-ending cycle of monotonous tasks that are required.

Here's Why Parenting Young Kids is So Hard

Did this speak to you? I hope so! What are your favorite linear tasks? Share them in the comments section below.