It’s sad to say goodbye to summer, but every mom knows there are so many great reasons to look forward to the school year.

Goodbye, Summer.

It’s been fun, but I’m done.

I’ve loved our time together. (Really, I have.)

But, school is coming.

And that means it’s going to be time for me to wear real clothes again. And actually do stuff.

And so, I’m sorry. But this is it.

The daytime drinking and pool baths and kid TV marathons have been great.

But it’s time for both of us to get back to our real lives.

Of course, we’ll always have the memories.

Remember those 6 days in a row when the kids didn’t have a bath or shower? Yeah, you’re right, that was every week. We’d throw personal hygiene standards to the wind, and tell ourselves that chlorine and ocean water were perfectly acceptable methods of cleaning small children.

But, the party’s over. Because my kids need a freaking bath.

Summer, it’s been fun.

Remember how easy getting dressed was every morning (or afternoon)? Swimsuit, pajamas, repeat. For 3 glorious months. I can’t tell you how much my washing machine has enjoyed the break in the laundry cycle (although the void was filled by constant towel washing).

But, let’s get real. My vagina needs a break from all that lycra, and I’d really like to wear some actual real (cotton mom) clothes again.

I’m sorry, but I just have to do what’s right for me.

Summer, it’s been fun.

Remember how fun it was to let my kids sit in front of the TV, all day everyday? I will never forget the no-shame zone you created so that I could live my dream of doing nothing for 7 minutes at a time. I savored every second of total parental laziness, and made the most of my time, scrolling Facebook to look at people doing real things and browsing Pinterest to pin things I will never do.

But, let’s be honest. I can’t stomach the thought of another episode of Caillou. (Yes, even with the cocktail pairings I made up to go with my kids’ most annoying shows.)

After all, everyone has their limits.

Summer, it’s been fun.

Remember that time I decided to go to the beach, on a whim? And then did that for the next 4 days in row? We both let ourselves believe that day drinking was totally acceptable, and I spent a small fortune at the snack shack and parking meters.

But seriously, my gut can’t take any more beer and cheese fries, and I can barely fit into those mom clothes I’m so looking forward to wearing. Plus, my car needs to finally get rid of that pound of sand, once and for all.

And so, Summer, I need some space.

It’s not you. It’s me.

Thank you for all the memories. Thank you for your whimsy and freedom. Thank you for not making me do anything productive, ever.

Thank you for all the wonderful ways you’ve changed my life since mid-May.

But I need to move on.

Don’t think you won’t be on my mind as I strap the kids in carseats on the first day of school, and drive that glorious drive to preschool drop-off. If I’m being honest, I might even smile as I glance in the rearview and see my face with a tad of makeup and look down at the real clothes I’m wearing and think about the real things I have to do.

But please, know that I’ll always remember the special times we’ve shared.

And, who knows?

Maybe I’ll come crawling back next May. (Spoiler alert: I WILL.)

Goodbye, Summer. It's Been Fun, But I'm Done

What’s your favorite part about summer, and what’s your favorite part about it being over? Share your thoughts in the comments section!