Dear family,

It’s Wednesday morning, and so far, I’ve washed 9 towels.


There are only 5 of us, and 3 of you are less than 3 feet tall. This is a problem.

And so, I think it’s time you know something.

I’m sick of washing towels.

You see, I do understand.

Towels are so great, and we love when they’re clean. Nothing compares to the fresh, still-warm-from-the-dryer feeling of a just-washed towel.

But you see, we can’t have everything we want all the time.

And so, I’d like to ask you a big question. It will be hard. But, together, we can do it.

Would you consider hanging your used-only-once towels, instead of leaving them on the floor?

I know, I know. It’s asking a lot.

But I’m your mom, and it’s my job to make you better.

And, I’m your wife, and I’ll be here until death (or towels) do us part.

So, in the interest of our whole family, it’s time for you to clean up your act.

Right here, right now.

There are a few reasons this is a fantastic idea.

First, towels do this amazing thing called drying. That’s right. When you hang them on the towel rack or that neat little hook on the back of the bathroom door, they dry out. And by the time you need to use them again, they are totally dry and ready to go. It’s pretty cool stuff, actually.

Secondly, when you dry off after a bath or shower, here’s the crazy thing. You are still clean. Which means your towel is clean. That’s right. Let it sink in. Your towel is still clean. This means you can use it for at least 4 more times. But we can start with baby steps and just use it 1 more time. Just 1. It’s all I ask. (For the love.)

And finally, towels are a real pain to wash because they are heavy in the washing machine and they take a long time in the dryer. I know, this point is basically lost on you because, after all, this falls in the Laundry Fairy’s jurisdiction, and no one is aware that anyone actually does the laundry. But I can assure you, it does happen, every single day. (Folding it is another story though, as you know from being relegated to the couch for dinnertime pretty much every single night.)

So, in review, please help your local one-woman laundry service and reuse your darn towels. I know it’s hard when there’s swimming and bathing happening every darn day.

But, you can do it.

I believe in you.

And then, maybe we can work on the toilet seat.


The Laundry Fairy
Your Mom
Your Wife

I'm Sick of Washing Towels