It’s time for my second video blog! As it turns out, the definition of parenting is: just when you get one thing figured out, you realize you are clueless as to handle the next. This is the case for me right now.

My kids are watching an obscene amount of TV, and I think it’s really starting to affect their behavior. At this point, the TV is on almost constantly as background noise in our house (even though my 36-hour, device-free experiment was just a couple months ago).

In the video, I share a couple strategies that have helped me cut down on kid TV time in our house, but it’s a daily effort, and I’m all ears to hear more.

Video Blog: Sharing my #1 Parenting Struggle

How do you get things done without parking your kids in front of the TV all day? Fun activities, an earnings system, more structure, active play? Please share in the comments section below!