You are your greatest investment.

Scroll to the end of this post to watch a Facebook Live about other ways to live this truth out, including giving yourself permission to hire a daytime babysitter (yes, even as a stay-at-home mom), getting someone to do your laundry or even taking a girls’ trip.

I’m coming out of a season of believing I was not worth spending money on.

A few years back, when I had 2 little boys, I did it all myself. My husband worked a lot. We don’t have family in town.

And I was drowning.

I needed household help. I needed a regular babysitter.

But I would not allow myself to pay for the support system I so badly needed.

You could say we couldn’t afford it. And yes, we were on a tight budget back then, saving for the house we live in now.

But we dropped $100 plenty of times on dinners out.

Why did I not believe I was valuable enough to drop the same amount for a couple afternoons of solitude, while a babysitter took care of the boys?

Eventually, I came out of that mindset.

And now, I sit today believing one simple truth:

I am my greatest investment.

That means I am worth spending money on.

I am worth having a trainer. A babysitter. A life coach. (Yep, I am a life coach and I have a life coach. I practice what I preach!)

My husband has given me full authority to spend money on the infrastructure I need to be happy and healthy, while getting done all that this household demands.

I now hire a handyman to hang pictures because it always caused fights between my husband and I.

I’m worth it.

I ended up having live-in au pairs for 2 years to have the kid help I so desperately needed.

It’s worth it.

And I now spend $63 on coffee creamers on Amazon if I want to.

I’m worth it.

Since I stopped drinking, I now look at my morning coffee as a very important ritual in my day. There is no cost too great for me to enjoy this beautiful time of my morning. I love Nutpods. They have delicious flavors, they are dairy-free and there’s no added sugar. They are also expensive.

So expensive I never used to buy them.

But now I do.

Because I matter.

I have come to believe that the more I invest in me, the better it is for my whole family.

When I show up for myself, I’m better able to show up for them.

Think about what you spent on your kids’ sports and activities last year.

We don’t even do that many activities, and for us, it was about $1000 for 4 kids. That’s on the low end.

Now, imagine if you gave yourself permission to spend that same amount on you.

Giving yourself permission to invest in you is a huge part of my coaching. It’s a topic that private clients and I dig into all the time. And it’s big.

And once you give yourself permission to invest in yourself, your entire life opens up.

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