Your Best Body Challenge

“I’m tired of carrying this weight and emotional heaviness.”

“Life’s too busy to get into shape.”

“I have small kids. My body will never be the same.”

I see you. I know you. I’ve been there. And that’s why I created this brand-new, 6-week program.

I lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks - Ashley

Welcome to the Your Best Body Challenge!

This is my tried-and-true formula of how I personally lost the baby weight — 4 times — and got into the best shape of my life. This Challenge is my secret sauce. It’s the exact blueprint of how I built a life that’s marked by gratitude and joy. Not dread and resentment.

Your Best Body includes 6 weeks of:

  • Weekly meal plans

  • Brand-new recipes

  • Personalized workout guidance

  • A 45-minute private Zoom session with me

  • Daily emails with encouragement, mindset challenges, stress management strategies, water intake, sleep guidance and so much more

  • And most importantly, YOUR CHOICE to show up for yourself as we start a new year.

  • Are you ready?

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What is Your Best Body?

Well, it’s just that. It’s YOURS.

Your Best Body may mean losing those last 15 pounds.

Your Best Body may mean having more energy that keeps you fired up to mother and do all the things, past 4pm.