A few months back, our PTA president asked me to speak at the Great American Teach-In.

“About what?” I snorted. “You want a demo on folding laundry and dry shampoo?”

“No,” she said with a slow smile, as if she was in on a joke I hadn’t gotten.

“About your TV news career.”

See, the joke was on me.

I had forgotten my worth.

It’s funny.

I needed someone else to point out my skill set to remind me that I’m still relevant, even though I haven’t earned a paycheck in 9 years.

I needed someone else to point out that what I’ve done is pretty cool, and it’s a lot more than folding laundry and wiping butts.

I needed someone else to remind me that I’m not “just a mom.”

The day was so much fun. I donned my false lashes, full makeup, Spanx and a bright red dress. Trying to keep it real, I also wore tennis shoes. (As any reporter knows, you never know what story you’ll be sent to, so many of us wear tennis shoes so we are prepared for any terrain.)

My favorite part of the day, by far, was when many of my son’s classmates didn’t recognize me.

“I don’t know you,” they’d say, after I greet them by name.

“Oh yes you do,” I would say with a chuckle and a side hug.

“I just don’t normally look like this.”

Looks can be deceiving, can’t they?

Here’s the truth.

I’ve actually accomplished a lot of pretty amazing things outside my family and household.

And so have you.

I am important, skilled and relevant.

And so are you.

I love being a mom BUT I am More Than Mom.

Basically I’m a badass.

And so are you.