A friend of mine, who I’ll call Megan, shared an awesome story with me recently. Her husband wanted to update her life insurance, so their agent had to send a letter to the insurance company. What he wrote will blow your mind!

I’m a stay-at-home mom and I don’t have an outside job. Even though I have an insurance policy, sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m of monetary value.

That is, until my friend Megan told me a story.

Her husband wanted to update her life insurance policy.

So, Megan made an appointment with their agent, and sat down with him to discuss why they wanted to “up” her policy.

Her husband travels frequently, and if she were gone, the boys would need full-time care, including a housekeeper, tutor, cook and full-time driver, as her boys are in private school and there is no bus service.

“Our agent is a 70-year-old man, and has been divorced 3 times,” she recalled. “I was trying to discuss why I needed a policy, even though I have no income, and after our meeting, I was basically convinced he wasn’t going to ‘get it.'”

But a week later, the agent sent Megan a copy of the letter that he’d sent to the insurance company.

That’s right.

If Megan were gone, the agent determined that the family would need a full-time housekeeper, tutor, driver, a live-in mother figure, homework helper, teacher liaison, doctor liaison, food preparer and maid.

That person would also need a car, car insurance, health insurance, worker’s compensation and food, all of which pushes the policy’s value well over $1 million.

“I hugged him!” Megan recalled with a laugh. “I couldn’t believe I’m worth millions!”

The letter, paired with a clean bill of health, landed Megan a $1.5 million policy.

But the most priceless part of this story was that she was reminded that her true value can’t be quantified.

I’ve also struggled with feeling like I’m not entitled to a life insurance policy, since I don’t have an outside job. Do you have an insurance policy? Share your stories in the comments, or on our Facebook page.