Last year, we bought a home, spent 5 weeks renovating the inside, moved in and found out we were pregnant with our fourth baby. Then Hurricane Irma trashed the outside of the house, so we redid the entire exterior. Then our baby was born. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and a half, but I’m finally getting around to the house tour you’ve been asking for! It’s only taken almost 2 years. *wink* #thisisreallife

It’s been so fun showing you all that we’ve done to our house, including the great room, kitchen and sunroom, and bathrooms.

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Today, let’s move on to some of the bedrooms!

I’m going to start with one of my favorite things, our shiplap headboard.

Master Bedroom

We didn’t do a ton in the master bedroom, but we did have it painted in my favorite Campfire Ash by Behr, and our carpenter created this shiplap headboard. I just love it!

Our room isn’t super long, so every inch counts, and we couldn’t have the space eaten up by a huge headboard and bed. I bought a king-sized headboard and mattress at Sam’s Club, and had it attached to the wall with screws.

I’m a big fan of an all-white bed, first of all because it adds an element of serenity and relaxation to the room, and also because we can bleach the crap out of it when we have kid stains.

Our nightstands were an inexpensive find from Walmart. Above each of them, we chose one of our favorite photos of each other, framed in a white Walmart frame, and below it, a framed love note from our early days.

I get a lot of questions about what’s under the TV, and yes it’s a wine fridge and a Keurig. We got them because, let’s be honest, the longer we can put off going downstairs into the kid chaos, the better (*wink*).


Having my first daughter, can you imagine my excitement at decorating her room?!? I had so much fun!

This wallpaper makes my heart sing! I absolutely love it! It’s happy and whimsical and girly but not too babyish, so I’m hoping she keeps it for a long time.

I purposely kept the rest of our decor light and airy, with grays and whites. We painted the room Maui Mist by Behr (yes, the same color as our kitchen cabinets!), and I had our mahogany armoire painted with gray chalk paint, which we now use for her diaper changing table. The crib is from Restoration Hardware. We’ve used it for all 4 of our babies, and it’s definitely a treasured piece! (I tried to include a link for you, but it looks like they don’t sell it anymore.)

Boys’ Bedroom & Bathroom

All 3 of our sons share a room, and the old master in this house was the perfect place. All we did was paint the room a very light blue, and throw in their beds!

The boys’ full-sized bunkbed is from Restoration Hardware, and it looks like it’s discontinued now. We invested in this piece because the beds come apart, so later if the boys are in different rooms, these beds come with them. Basically, these are the last beds I will ever buy for our kids!

At our rental, our next-door neighbor gave us a crab trap, and I really wanted to hang it somewhere in the new house. Above our youngest son’s daybed ended up being a fun and unexpected spot!

It’s kind of weird, but one of my favorite elements of our whole house is in my sons’ bathroom.

It’s so simple, but instead of using conventional towel hooks, we bought $6 marine cleats at Home Depot, and we use those for their towels. (You might have noticed them in the pool bathroom as well.) They are metal so they are super heavy and had to be installed with special anchors, but it was a simple job for our handyman. We also changed out the cabinet and drawer pulls on their builder grade white bathroom cabinets, and it really transformed the room for about $30.

To see all of our house tour posts, click here.

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