There are so many things you don’t consider before you’re a parent. Like, how you feel about cry-it-out. And, how you’ll get the family car serviced without bringing the whole freaking family to the mechanic’s shop. (They’re totally comparable.)

Parents everywhere, please tell me how you get your family car serviced.

You know, the car with all the car seats? (And if you’re like us, an extra one for friends?)

Because, it’s literally impossible.

Every time I call our mechanic or the car dealership, it’s the same conversation.

“Can you leave the car with me for a day or so?”

“No,” I say with conviction as I ready to launch into my script.

“I have 3 young children and this is our car with all the car seats. I don’t have another car that will fit them all.”

“Well, this repair is gonna take a little while.”

“Can you please try your best? I can drop it off at 8:55am, and need it back by 11:40am and no later. Thanks!”

Of course, that’s barely enough time to diagnose the problem, let alone fix it.

But it’s literally impossible.

Sometimes, we try a weekend. I’ll send the husband, and since I can’t pick him up (because, again, no car fits all the kids), he literally sits at the car dealership for 4 hours for a freaking oil change.

Or, they’ll tell us to come back in a few weeks because they need to order the part and we can only come on weekends.

Which is awesome because then I start wondering if any tow trucks can fit all our car seats. Because that’s what I’m going to need next, when this car breaks down and I have all the kids with me.

A few weeks back, I needed a headlight replaced. (And on a Suburban, you have to literally take off the entire front of the car to do this. Don’t even get me started. An hour and a half of labor for an $8 part. Still, I do love my Suburban.)

I thought I’d be smart and schedule the service for a Sunday morning. A freaking Sunday. (These are the lengths, people.)

My husband stayed home with the kids, and I drove the car to the mechanic shop, dropped it off and then jaywalked across the street to McDonald’s to drink coffee and write on my laptop.

For over 3 hours.

Finally at noon, the car was done.

Along with the weekend.

Seriously, how ridiculous is this whole scenario?

I suppose I could get a babysitter so I could go to the mechanic during the week.

But see, the thing is, I don’t want to get a babysitter SO I CAN GO TO THE FREAKING MECHANIC.


Dear Mechanic, My Car Has 4 Car Seats. Work Quick.

Have any of you figured this out? Let me know in the comments! And, next time your mechanic gives you a blank stare, just send him the link to this post. (*wink*)