I’ve been through the third pregnancy, and now I’m getting down to life with 3 boys 4 and under. And laughing at how times have changed.

You Know It's Your Third Kid When... SheJustGlows.com

1st kid: You schedule play dates before he can sit up on his own.
2nd kid: Happy to be third wheel with older brother’s friends.
3rd kid: What play dates? You can play with your brothers.

1st kid: Picked up at the first sign of whimpering.
2nd kid: Full-fledged scream before he’s attended to.
3rd kid: You don’t realize he’s crying until you’re approached by strangers in the grocery store.

1st kid: You hire contractors to customize baby’s room.
2nd kid: You wash the crib bedding.
3rd kid: Sleeps on a bare mattress for the first week. (At least he has a bed.)

1st kid: You don’t leave the house until he’s 2 weeks old.
2nd kid: You leave the house for Bible study, but only because there’s free childcare for the toddler.
3rd kid: By 3 days old, the kid has been out on the boat. And to the beach bar. Twice.

1st kid: Potty-training lasts from 18 months to 3.5 years.
2nd kid: You don’t even think about potty-training until he asks for it, at 2.5 years.
3rd kid: At 2 years, you realize he’s completely trained himself.

1st kid: Bathed every day, and then covered in baby lotion.
2nd kid: Bathed every other day, with his brother in the big tub.
3rd kid: Only bathed after the beach or being around sick kids. Has never seen baby lotion.

1st kid: Slept in your bed for the first 3 months.
2nd kid: Sent to brother’s room at 2 months old.
3rd kid: In his own crib by 3 weeks. (That’s what baby monitors are for.)

1st kid: You read entire books on sleep training and try it at 4 months old.
2nd kid: Can sleep through anything because he’s sharing a room with a 20-month-old.
3rd kid: You Google “how young is too young for cry it out?”

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