With back-to-school in full swing, it’s usually the time of year that we brace for school germs and barfy kids. But, last year, I started doing one thing, and it’s kept my family healthy. And it’s my favorite tip for how to avoid stomach flu.

Last year, we had 8 stomach bugs move through our house.


Before, during and after my morning sickness. On Halloween. On Christmas Eve. Literally, every month or 2, someone else would start barfing.

And usually, it started with me.

At first I thought it was my weak immune system, due to being pregnant with boy #3. Aside from that, I had no idea why the barf bug kept infecting our house.

And then, my OB snapped some sense into me.

“Are you washing your hands a lot?”

Alright, we’ve heard it all before.

(Like, at first, when she said that, I was like, Okay, tune this out.)

I’d never been a big kids-have-to-wash-their-hands kind of mom, and at that point, my oldest was 3. If we’re going to get sick because I’m not making my kids wash their hands, wouldn’t that have happened already?

Then, I got to thinking.

We’d been potty training this year.

And as much as I’d like to say that every time we were in the bathroom, waiting (for hours it seemed) for my son to pee, I washed my hands, the truth is, I totally didn’t.

Because the toddler had yelled to me from the living room, asking for his airplane toy from behind the couch. Or I’d just remembered I need to add pancake syrup to the grocery list. Or the laundry needed to be switched.

And, it’s embarrassing to admit, but there wasn’t always a hand-wash guarantee when I changed the toddler’s diaper either. If it was just pee, I may not make it to the sink to wash up, especially if I wasn’t preparing food or anything like that afterwards. (I’ll just wash my hands again before I make lunch, I’d reason.) After a poopy diaper, yes, I’d wash my hands. (I’m not that disgusting!) But let’s be real: I’m sure I got distracted once or twice.

So, after that OB visit, I started getting crazy serious about the washing of the hands.

And guess what?

NO MORE STOMACH BUGS FOR US since then. And it’s been like 8 months.

And so, my Mama friend, it’s the oldest advice in the book, but this is my own personal She Just Glows PSA to make sure you’re really heeding it.

Wash your hands.

Especially when potty training or changing those nasty toddler diapers.

You might be spreading more germs than your kids! (And that’s saying a lot.)

And, this ain’t a sponsored post. It’s just me looking out for you. I don’t want you getting as sick as I did last year!

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What are your top strategies for keeping the barf bug out of your house? Share your comments below.