Fun Gender Reveal Idea!

genderreveal5Fun Gender Reveal Idea!

Fun Gender Reveal Idea!

I am mother to THREE boys!


We always knew we wanted a third, but this happened a little sooner than expected. We are shocked, grateful, ecstatic, scared and trying to get as much sleep as possible before baby boy #3 arrives in April.

So, I’ll be honest. I’ve always thought gender reveals are a little obnoxious and self-indulgent, but I loved every minute of this! After my doctor called me with the results, I had her call my friend Julie, who organized this low-key photo shoot. Since Julie offered to set it up, it was just our family, it didn’t feel corny or staged, and it was such a fun way for us to find out together! I would highly recommend it to anyone considering. You don’t have to do a big party. You can just have 1 person organize it for you and have them take the pictures that you’ll have forever. There are so many things in life that aren’t worth celebrating; when something is, celebrate!

I should also mention that this may be the last “pretty” pregnancy shot you see of me. Don’t expect a perfectly-posed chalkboard series of month-by-month maternity photos, as I will be doing quite the opposite. Stay tuned for a new series, A Real Picture of Pregnancy, starting next week!