Dear dry shampoo,

It’s your favorite I-only-shower-every-3-days, stay-at-home mother of 3 boys under 4 here.

I’ve been thinking about our relationship.

And, dry shampoo, it’s really crazy. We’ve really been through a lot.

And, I just wanted to say thank you.

You make my life complete.

When I’ve had a long night (like, up 9 times with 3 different kids), you’re always there to put me back together. I squint my exhausted eyes and run my fingers over your beautiful, stylish bottle. Then, I pick you up (wishing you were a steaming hot cup of Starbucks coffee), and spray you on my dark, greasy roots. Suddenly, my hair looks fresh and I look a tiny bit more awake. On top of that, my hair smells good too (which is cray cray, when you shower as infrequently as I do).

When I feel too old to look cute (since I’ve aged at least a decade in the last 3 years, since we’ve had kids), you remind me that I’ve still got it. You add texture to my tired locks, and I’m somehow able to piece my hair into a put-together ponytail that is at least a quarter-step up from the bedhead it would be otherwise. If not to anyone else, at least you believe in the possibility that I can look 10% less haggard than I feel. (Okay, 5%.)

Dry shampoo, you look at me on the mornings when I’ve served 14 toddler breakfasts and broken up 17 fights before 8am, and see the possibilities in the remaining 8 minutes I have to get myself ready before we leave for preschooler drop-off. We both know I’ll spend the first 7 minutes digging through the closet, looking for any non-maternity outfit that will zip, but you take that remaining 60 seconds and work your wonders. Somehow, in your perfumey mist, my hair gets an added layer of mojo, and my confidence gleans from a light coating of I’m-tired-but-I-at-one-time-I-was-hot confidence. It really is a beautiful thing.

And so today, dry shampoo, I salute you.

On the most haggard of mom days, you make me feel full again. You pick up the pieces of my 3-hours-of-sleep night, and put my 7-errands-to-run-with-3-kids day back together.

Dry shampoo, you complete me.


One hot mess of a mom

Dear Dry Shampoo, You Complete Me.

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