Since dry shampoo is the tired mom’s best friend, we thought we’d rate the best ones! This is purely a non-scientific ranking, based completely on #glowgirl reviews. From the best dry shampoo drugstore brand to department store picks, we’ve asked readers for their favorites at every price point. (If you have any to add, share them in the comments section below.)

The Best Dry Shampoos

 Best value brand: Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo

The Best Dry Shampoo Drugstore Brand: Reader Rankings & Reviews This category is for the woman (me) who can barely make it to the hair aisle at Target, much less do a full internet search for the perfect dry shampoo. Reader Heather B. loves Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo for the price and the scent.

“It smells great and leaves your hair looking pretty clean. No one would never know that you haven’t washed your hair in days!” she said. It’s our pick for the best dry shampoo drugstore brand.

Honorable mentions in this category also include Dove, Suave and Garnier Fructis.

Best for fine hair: Stila Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

“I have really fine hair so a lot of the powders (and all the sprays I’ve tried) are too heavy. This is nice and light,” said reader Lisa K.

Best for thick hair: Oribe Cote D’azur Hair Refresher Spray

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & ReviewsHairstylist and #glowgirl Maria D. has super thick hair and recommends this salon pick for the greasy hair days. “This is a great product and an award winner for sure.”

Best for the price: Batiste Dry Shampoo

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

Several readers said they had tried many different dry shampoos, but loved Batiste, especially for the price. The brand also offers lots of different scents. Reader Hayley K., who used tons of dry shampoo while she was a contestant on The Amazing Race, swears by the “clean & classic” scent.

“They also have a line that is tinted, so you don’t get that awful dull or grey streak look,” reader Gillian T. shared. “I’ve used Not Your Mother’s and Suave too, but I think Batiste works better. It just gives a better clean feeling without that dull look, and better volume.”

Best for volume: Psssssst Instant Dry Spray Shampoo

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

Hailed as the original dry shampoo, this one by Psssssst has grabbed some of our readers’ hearts, and dirty hair days.

 Best for clean finish: Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder Spray

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

This is a great option if you have issues with other dry shampoos leaving a color film on your hair. The brand offers a powder spray for every hair color. “Bumble’s is perfect and blends without leaving me feeling greasy or weirdly brassy,” said reader Raleigh D.

Best for light coverage: Rockaholic By Tigi Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

“I hate the way dry shampoo smells and feels. I would use it and just want it out! That was until I used Rockaholic By Tigi Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. It’s awesome! Smells great and is so light,” Allison K. shared.

Best for quick application: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

Unlike some other dry shampoos, you don’t have to wait 2 minutes to brush your hair after applying this one. And, you can’t beat the price.

Best scent: Amika’s Perk Up Dry Shampoo

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

“I’ve tried a ton in my Birchbox, and my favorite by far is this one,” said reader Maegan H. “I can get 5 days out of a good blowdry and curls.”

“Not only does it work great, but it smells really good,” #glowgirl Brittany K. shared.

Best all-around: Unite 7 Seconds Refresher

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

It’s not the cheapest option, but Unite 7 Seconds Refresher got rave reviews from several readers. Despite having a moist spray, it finishes dry and very light.

“I’ve had the bottle at least 2 months, using it twice a week,” said reader Marissa B., who is also a news anchor in Chicago.

Most original: Johnson’s Baby Powder

The Best Dry Shampoo: Reader Rankings & Reviews

We felt like we had to mention this because several readers told us they had tried different dry shampoos, but didn’t love any of them, so they ended up with the old standby of plain ol’ baby powder on their greasy hair days.

“I love using it at night because it has time to absorb and it smells amazing. Lavender-scented baby powder also helps induce sleep,” shared #glowgirl Ginger L., who is also a news anchor in Orlando.

Most natural: Make your own!

Reader Paula B. uses all-natural ingredients to make her own dry shampoo. She mixes together arrowroot powder, cocoa and cinnamon, then applies it to the scalp with a blush brush.

“It works great and smells yummy!”

Any other favorite dry shampoos to add? Share yours in the comments section below.