Thanks to social media, I’ve seen waaaaay too many all-too-perfect pregnancy bump photos, where the mama is in full makeup, with hair done, dressed in the most perfectly-styled outfit and standing next to a pregnancy chalkboard week by week, that tells us what she’s craving, how big the baby is and how excited she is.

Let’s be honest. The chalkboard art alone took at least 20 minutes, not to mention the outfit-styling and full hair and makeup.

Here’s the deal.

That’s not my life.

(Chalkboard moms, don’t hate me! I’m just saying it’s not realistic for me to do. Chalkboards are cute and fun, and you keep doing them!)

For me, now that I’m expecting my third baby, it’s rare that I look that put together at any time. And since being real and authentic is super important to me, I decided I’d share a much different take on the month-by-month pregnancy photos.

A Real Picture of Pregnancy Pregnancy Chalkboard Week By Week

A beautiful mess

This all started because I decided I wanted to document my pregnancy through personal photos, but I couldn’t figure out where in our house looks “perfect” enough to do it. And then I slapped myself. Duh. Our house isn’t perfect. There are toys strewn everywhere from hours of kid play; there is usually a TV on in the background, keeping little ones entertained (#honesty); and the kitchen is stacked with dishes from the many meals we’re fortunate enough to have.

That’s when I decided that, instead of trying to look perfect and make my house look perfect every 4 weeks for a photo, I’d take the picture just as things really are.

Perfectly messy and beautifully lived-in. That’s truth about my house.

And about me.

So here we go!

No makeup touch-ups. No changing into perfect clothes. And zero photo editing. (Gulp. What have I gotten myself into?)

             8 Weeks                                     12 Weeks                                       16 Weeks

A Real Picture of Pregnancy, Month-by-Month         A Real Picture of Pregnancy         A Real Picture of Pregnancy


              20 Weeks                                    24 Weeks                                       28 Weeks

A Real Picture of Pregnancy: 20 Weeks         A Real Picture of Pregnancy: 24 Weeks         A Real Picture of Pregnancy: 28 Weeks


                32 Weeks                                         36 Weeks                                     40 Weeks

A Real Picture of Pregnancy: 32 Weeks         A Real Picture of Pregnancy: 36 Weeks         A Real Picture of Pregnancy: 40 Weeks

I’ll be doing this through the remainder of my pregnancy, so be sure to subscribe to She Just Glows for monthly updates! If anything, my grossness will only make you feel better about yourself, LOL.