Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him: 5 Almost-Free Gifts For Your Man

1. His favorite food. We all know the way to a man’s heart. Make him feel special by cooking his favorite dinner, preparing his favorite dessert (my husband’s is delish and easy) or even buying his favorite bottle of wine to go with the takeout you used to order together in college. If you’re looking for a new meal idea, I must say my Super Sexy roasted cabbage salad is super chic, super easy and super inexpensive. Pair it with a couple steaks, and you’re done! This is my husband’s favorite wine, and it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser every time.

2. Shaving stuff. This is really a gift for both of you, because we all know there’s nothing worse than kissing a prickly face. Buy him his favorite shaving cream (my husband raves about this one), or a even new razor. (I just checked, and all Panasonic razors are 50% off on Amazon right now.)

3. Something cozy. One of my favorite Father’s Day gifts for my hubby is a new pair of soft sweats. Or, you could get him some new white tube socks, some preppy pajamas, a robe or even some sexy Diesel undies. (If you’re looking for more smart gifts for the hubby, check the list that took me 3 hours of internet trolling to compile: 15 clever Valentine’s Day gifts for your man.)

4. Something for his car. Chances are, your man is in the car a lot, so buy some fun essentials to make the commute more pleasant: his favorite gum, air freshener, travel wipes, snacks. You could even splurge for a complete car care kit, which comes with lots of car-cleaning supplies, so he can detail the car before Monday. Or, if you’re really wanting to score some points, you can. (Bahahaaaa. Well, I tried.)

5. You. (SEX!!!!!!!) No, but seriously. Make a point to give him your undivided attention and affection. If he’s like my husband, he competes with the kids everyday for a sliver of your attention and time. Book a sitter and pack a picnic to bring to the beach or your local park. Laugh at his jokes (one of my 14 simple ways I try to show love to my husband). Give him a back massage in bed. Rub his feet. Simple, special things that you don’t do everyday.

It doesn’t take that much to keep our men happy. Sometimes, we just need to decide to make it happen.

What are your favorite free, or almost-free, ways to make your man feel special? Share them in the comments section below.

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