What if that big crazy scary awesome goal you have wasn’t actually as hard as you’re imagining it will be? In this week’s episode of She Just Glows: The Podcast, I’m walking you through a mindset shift that might actually make it the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

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wasn't that hard

Overthinkers, this one’s for you!

Do you ever feel like you spend 90 percent of your time thinking about things you want to do, or need to do or are supposed to do, and in the process, you become more and more discouraged?

See, the time we spent overthinking is directly proportional to our level of motivation to do the actual thing.

So, how do you stop overthinking and just do it? That’s the exact topic of today’s episode.

I know you’ve perfected the worst-case scenario. Now, we’re going to unlearn that story.

The other day, it was time for me to go on my run, but I didn’t feel like it.

So, I procrastinated.

I sat in my chair. I drank my coffee. I scrolled through social media.

I did whatever I could to avoid doing the thing that I knew I needed to do.

For me, exercising outside is part of my Happiness Formula. It’s a huge part of what I need in my day to make me feel good, mentally and physically. I’ve added it to my magic list of habits that help propel me toward the life I truly want. (If you’re interested in this topic or want to learn more about building your own Happiness Formula, head to episode 4 of the podcast.)

Finally, I just did it.

I laced up my running shoes. I put on my headphones. I went out the front door, closed it behind me and bent down to stretch my legs on the front porch. 

And then, I ran.

One foot in front of the other.

Over and over. 

It really wasn’t hard at all.

It was beautiful outside. The birds were swooping overhead. The sun was just low enough in the sky to cast a stunning peach glow over the water. My muscles felt loose and ready to work. 

As I turned the corner onto the next street, it dawned on me. 

This run isn’t hard at all. It was actually everything I needed.

The only hard part was thinking about it before I got started. 

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

  • How overthinking fuels your anxiety and defeats you before you even begin
  • The abundance mindset action plan that will finally get you going
  • How the time you spend overthinking is directly proportional to how tough the task feels
  • How to create the possibility that this goal is actually going to serve you and you will only wonder why you didn’t try it sooner

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