Building a life of joy and purpose starts with figuring out what on earth brings you joy and purpose! Episode 4 of She Just Glows: The Podcast dives into the 4-part exercise that can help get you back on the path toward building a life you love.

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Do you ever feel like your life looks great from the outside, but you can’t figure out why you can’t be happy?

As moms, we are so great at wearing all the hats — the mom hat, the wife hat, the friend hat, the career hat.

Before we know it, we are so caught up in the doing that we are not just being.

I had a time in my life when things got really dark. About 5 years ago, my husband almost lost his business, but I could tell no one about it. I lost a dear friendship. We changed schools. I was struggling to lose the baby weight after the birth of my fourth child. I hated how I looked and felt like I was trapped in a body that wasn’t mine.

I didn’t have people.

But I couldn’t break.

So, I kept it all to myself and kept going.

From the outside, my life looked great. But inside, I was crumbling.

I cried most days. Even getting the kids to school each day was a struggle. It hurt so bad to see other women in friendships I knew I just didn’t have. Many days, it was all I could do to make it through the day. And I cried under my sunglasses the whole way through.

One day, my husband was trying to perk me up, and he asked me: “What are your passions?”

Passions? I thought. I have no idea. I haven’t had time to think about hobbies or joys or passions or what I love to do in years.

I had no margin for the things I enjoy. And so, I’d forgotten what they were.

If you’re there right now, I see you and I’ve been there. My clients have been there too.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

  • How to get unstuck from feeling unhappy in a life that looks great from the outside
  • What your Happiness Formula is and 5 ways to identify what’s in it (and what’s not)
  • Tips for scheduling your calendar with purpose and intention
  • 3 steps to pushing through the mom guilt and building a life you love

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