I’ve been seeing so much of the #10yearchallenge on social media that I decided to come up with my own version.

2009 vs. 2019

You are more!

The woman on the left wore full makeup at the beach, spent hours in the gym, and believed her self-worth was based on her appearance. The woman on the right (me today) is wearing no makeup, went to yoga once last week and I know I Am Enough anyway.

10 years ago, I worked out because I hated my body.

Now, I work out because I love it.

In 2009, I worked in TV news, taking care of Number 1… me.

Today, I work at home, nourishing 4 little souls, sometimes teaching, sometimes yelling and always loving.

My self-worth is linked to how I love others, and most of all, how I love myself.

In 2009, I deprived myself, and was always striving to be faster, better, more.

Today, I nourish myself with things like sleep, water, and prayer; and the only thing I’m striving to do is live in the moment and be grateful.

It’s amazing how far I’ve come in a decade.

Even if I have gained 20 pounds.