The other day, I realized that I was believing so many lies about my body, simply because of what I’d chosen to keep in my closet. So I did something kind of drastic, and it ended up being the best decision ever. Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch my Facebook Live about this!

Has anyone else been in between sizes for years?

It takes one look at my bra drawer to see why.

I have the nursing bra, the postpartum big boob bra, the big sports bras, the skinny sports bras, the push-up bras for when my boobs are small, the big bras for when I’m still swollen with baby weight.

Well, a couple months back, I did something revolutionary for myself.

I went through every single item of clothing I own, and I got rid of everything that doesn’t fit today.

All of it.

Those skinny shorts that say, ‘You should be here, but you’re not.’


That tiny shirt that says, ‘You used to be sexy, but now, you’re not.’


And even those maternity jeans that say, ‘You’ll probably gain the weight back. Plus, I’m comfy.’


And while I can’t argue with that last part (give me all the maternity tummy panels), it made me realize something.

I realized that all of these non-fitting clothes actually represent lies that I tell myself.

You’re overweight. You’re flabby. You look gross. Nothing looks good on you.

And so, I got rid of all of it. Everything that didn’t fit was gone.

Turns out, keeping all those ill-fitting clothes wasn’t serving me anything but body shame.

Because life’s too short to look at that tiny designer top that was so expensive and feel like a failure because I can’t fit half a boob into it today.

Because life’s too short to see those “ideal size” jeans and feel bad every day that they won’t even go over my ass.

Because life’s too short to feel like my clothes can tell me how to feel about myself.

I cleared them all out.

With the items that remained, it may sound weird, but I picked up each piece and asked, ‘How do you serve me?’

If the item makes me feel beautiful and enough and gorgeous and amazing, it won a spot back in the drawer.

If it didn’t, it was gone.

It may seem like I got rid of a lot, and I kind of did.

But wouldn’t you rather have 20 items of clothing that make you feel amazing, than an entire closet that makes you feel like crap?

You are so worth it.

Feel beautiful in your own skin.

After that, I felt so empowered that I actually went to Target and tried on swimsuits in their terrible lighting. (You know, the same place, where I left crying because of how I looked in a swimsuit a few months back?)

Turns out, the lies were gone. Because I believed I was good enough. Just as I am today.

My body has birthed 4 children. And I’m damn proud of it.

My body has stretch marks and cellulite. But I still think it’s perfect.

My body has rolls and flabby parts. But to me, it’s beautiful.

And believing that is a choice.

You are so much more than what you wear.

Get rid of some clothes that don’t fit. I promise you’ll feel better than ever.

Will you join me? Clean our your closet, and post a photo in the Facebook thread, or share it on Instagram and tag me! I’d love to see it!