Honestly, I’m so bored of the pressure to be thin right after having kids.

It’s all over social media, and especially Instagram.

I love my body, not only because He made it, but also because it’s done amazing things… not the least of which is growing, birthing and feeding 4 children.

It’s summer.

And you know what? You’re a mom.

So what.

Let the fat rolls breathe and play in the sand with your kids.

Forget you’re an adult for a while and just dwell in the moment.

I’m so grateful my friend took this video, without my knowing, a few weeks back.

I’ll be honest. My first thought when I saw it was: “I can’t believe how huge my midsection still is.” But I’ve watched it every day since; and now, all I see is a confident, content Mama who’s madly in love with her tiny little lady.

You don’t get these moments back.

So, don’t let your size stop you from dancing in the sunshine with your babies.

Throw on the 2-piece (or the one-piece, or whatever you please), and enjoy your kids.

Let your rolls jiggle when you laugh, and your cellulite sway in the warm, salty air.

You have the rest of your life to be thin.

You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.

If you don’t believe it, how will she?

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