The stay-at-home mom salary: What are you worth?

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I was sitting on the couch when my husband told me his idea.

(In pure mom mode.)

I hadn’t showered in 2 days, and the baby had just launched a fresh batch of warm spit-up onto my sweaty workout shirt. The 2 older boys yelled for more “oatpoint” (oatmeal) and a fresh batch of Bubble Guppies from their kiddie table, as I tried to focus on what my husband had just said.

“Wait, what?”

We were talking about life insurance policies. My husband was launching a new company, and as a result, he had to set up new policies for the family. He’s had a life insurance policy for several years. But after meeting with the insurance agent, my husband seemed to think that I needed one, too. And not just a small one.

“I want you to get a million dollar policy,” he said.

I laughed out loud.

“What?” I cackled. “You are on crack! You must be joking.”

“I’m not,” he said.

“But, I’m not worth anything! I don’t even work!”

And there it was.

I knew it sounded bad.

But it’s true, I thought.

As a mom, I know I’m valuable to my family on an emotional level. In that respect, I’m totally irreplaceable, and my stay-at-home resume is second-to-none. But, my worth isn’t in dollars and cents. So there’s no need for an insurance policy on my life.

“But I don’t make an income. So if I die, you’re fine,” I said.

“No, I wouldn’t be,” he said. By the look in his eye, I knew he’d really thought this through.

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