It’s that time of year, when it seems like someone’s always sick! Here are my favorite natural ways to help school-aged kids fight cold and flu season.

1. Wash hands constantly!

8 Natural Ways to Help School-Aged Kids Fight Cold & Flu SheJustGlows. om

It’s so obvious but so important! I learned this the hard way a couple years back when our family got the stomach bug literally once a month. My doctor asked me if I was washing everyone’s hands regularly, and I admitted that, unless I had just changed a poopy diaper, I didn’t usually take the time to do it. Lesson learned! Now, I make my kids wash their hands with soap and warm water every day after getting home from school, and before dinner. And of course, after going to the bathroom.

2. Fire up those essential oils!

8naturalways48 Natural Ways to Help School-Aged Kids Fight Cold & Flu SheJustGlows. om

I’ve often staved off a sore throat by blasting Thieves in my diffuser overnight! There are lots of great essential oils combos out there to combat germs at this time of year. Check out this previous post for my favorite “recipes!”

3. Use a humidifier!

My babies tend to get a barking cough about once a year, so during naps and overnight, I turn on our humidifier, and it really helps them sleep and get rid of that yucky congestion.

4. Get lots of sleep!

Sometimes, my kids have a hard time sleeping, especially when they have stuffy noses, so with our pediatrician’s go-ahead, I give them melatonin gummies to help them fall asleep. Melatonin occurs naturally in the body, and I buy it on Amazon Prime.

5. Use Maty’s vapor rub.

This is actually the best-selling all-natural vapor rub in the U.S., and it’s no wonder because it smells amazing and it works! It’s got peppermint essential oil, coconut oil, spruce, pine and sunflower oils, and I like to rub it on my littles’ chests when they are congested. (Or, if we need to entertain the others, let them play doctor and care for their patient!) I love that the scents calm all of them and help them relax.

6. Take a hot bath.

It’s so simple, but a hot bath always helps my kids feel better! Just make sure they don’t fall asleep with wet hair.

7. Drink some honey!

8 Natural Ways to Help School-Aged Kids Fight Cold & Flu SheJustGlows. om

Take a tablespoon, and pour it down the hatch to help soothe their throats. And the added bonus is, they love it!

8 Natural Ways to Help School-Aged Kids Fight Cold & Flu SheJustGlows. om

If you want a little extra, there’s also honey in Maty’s organic cough syrup, which relieves coughs and soothes irritated throats with no side effects and no worries about taking too much. In fact, it’s so natural you can take it even if you’re not sick! They also have a nighttime version with nutmeg and chamomile, which is awesome. Because… sleep.

8. Take a walk.

Don’t underestimate the simple things! Sometimes, my kids just need a change of scenery and some fresh air to forget about their aches and pains. We love to take walks through the neighborhood in the afternoon, and we call them “treasure hunts.” The kids grab pinecones, leaves, rocks and sticks, and when we get home, we make a project with them. (Usually, it’s just gluing them to paper, but it’s still fun!)

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