As a mom of littles, some days, I just feel like a hamster on a wheel who really needs a shower. Especially between 7:15 and 8:05am.

Sometimes, the morning is just so HARD.

Not because anything big happened, like a sink overflowed or a diaper exploded.

But, it’s just hard.

Because… IT JUST IS.

Legos are flying, a kid bites the baby, there’s pee all over the bathroom floor, you spill your smoothie, a shoe breaks, the kids are hungry again, the laundry is done, someone got hit, the baby unloads the dishwasher onto the kitchen floor, you switch the laundry, the preschooler says a bad word, the remote control isn’t working, a measuring cup just broke, it’s time to go and you haven’t even brushed your teeth.

Sometimes, it’s just hard. So hard that you want to cry (and you’re not even a crier).

And so, you get into the car, and you tell the kids Mommy won’t be talking until we get to school. And you turn on your music, loud, and let a few tears slide out underneath those scratched sunglasses in the front seat.

It’s okay to not love everyday. Because, everyday is hard.

And some mornings, it just catches up with you.

Let the tears out.

And then, once you get there, get out of the car and put on your beautiful smile.

It’s time to face the world again.

This Morning Was So Hard