Here in Florida, it’s 80 degrees, but it’s still officially fall! Here are a few ways this season is a little different in the Sunshine State.

Ways You Know It's Fall in Florida

1. You reach for your parka. And then realize it’s only 68 degrees outside. Might need mittens too.

2. You have to explain to your kids what a sweater is. (True story.)

3. You immediately buy a pumpkin. Within a week, it rots in the heat. (By Halloween, you’ve bought 4.)

4. To keep the pool at 80 degrees, you actually have to turn on the heater.

5. Your close-toed shoes start to see the light of day again.

6. Your kids start to throw tantrums because they have to wear these things called socks.

7. You switch from fluorescent nail polish to blacks, navys and browns. And then go to the beach.

8. You’re ecstatic to order a pumpkin spice latte. On ice.

9. You can raise the AC to 75 degrees instead of the usual 72.

10. You open the windows for the first time since April. And then, promptly close them again (because, nosiums).

11. Instead of tank tops, you begin wearing shirts that actually have sleeves.

12. You actually want to sit outside.

13. The Gulf of Mexico is refreshing again. (And no longer feels like warm bath water.)

14. You pull out your 7 pairs of boots as soon as the mercury dips below 70. You have 2 months to wear them.

15. You actually start wearing pants. (Wait, no. That’s not until January.)

Do you have any to add? Share them in the comments! And, feel free to share the memes (for Facebook and Pinterest) below!

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15 Ways You Know It's Fall in Florida

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15 Ways You Know It's Fall in Florida