The extent of my fall decorating this year

I grew up in a house where we went all out with gorgeous, store-quality decorating for each and every holiday. But that’s just not my reality right now. And that’s okay!

LOL But the kids are still alive! I love this! From

I may not have pumpkins hanging from every corner, or fall leaves gracing my tabletop, but as I look around the tile-covered floors of our rental, I see love. I hear laughter. I know that everyone here is taken care of and cherished.

In fact, as I was laughing at my lack of homemaker inspiration this fall, I realized that, with the exception of our DIY gratitude tree and I Am Grateful tablecloth, this is $2.99 Walmart pumpkin is the only decor I’ve had the energy to put out.

And then, as I was snapping this photo, a sweet little face stepped in front of my lens.

What's Really Important This Thanksgiving Season

That plump, mischievous, beautiful, perfectly-made face that I love so much.

It was as if it was God’s way of saying, This is what’s important. Who cares about a stupid pumpkin? Your priorities are exactly where they should be.

And that’s way more important than having a perfect fall wreath on my front door.

How have you been reminded of the true meaning of the holiday season this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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