I looooooove holiday traditions that don’t have anything to do with buying things or eating fattening foods.

And this is one of them. I got the idea from my MOPS group. Love. It.

SheJustGlows.com DIY I Am Grateful Tablecloth

You buy a tablecloth. (Or, in my case, you repurpose the $3 painter’s dropcloth you bought for your son’s first birthday party.) Buy a black fabric pen, and the rest is history.

Ask each child what they’re grateful for and write it down. Then pack it away with your Halloween or Thanksgiving decor, so that you know where it is, and you can easily bring it out each year to add to it again.

Simple and meaningful.

It’s a great way to remind your little ones of what Thanksgiving is all about. It’s not just turkey. It’s about knowing what matters. What you’re thankful for.

And for me, it’s these two perfectly-imperfect little boys.

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