The key to feeling grounded in your life and motherhood might be as simple as carving out an hour of time alone everyday. Getting up an hour earlier isn’t that hard. 

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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Over touched? Over talked?

Maybe just over it all?

Oh girl, I get it.

There comes a point in motherhood when you feel so overstretched that you end up settling into a life that you can’t stand.

Because there’s no energy or time for anything else.

Let’s fix that.

When clients tell me they don’t have enough alone time, the first thing I ask them is what time they wake up.

If you aren’t getting up an hour before your kids, you are missing out on grounding, peace and the chance to start every day on your terms, not theirs.

Yes, I know it doesn’t work for every season. But you don’t need to be a “morning person” to begin this life-changing practice.

I try to get up at 4am most days, so that I have at least an hour of alone time before we wake the kids up for school at 6am.

Does it happen every day?

Heck no!

But I try. And when I do, that hour is a delicious slice of heaven that has evolved into my own personal sanctuary.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

  • 3 things to tell yourself when the alarm goes off
  • My simple value judgement statement that makes the 1-hour early wakeup a non-negotiable
  • Nightly routine changes that will help you sleep earlier (+ better!)
  • 3 ways to guarantee you’ll wake up refreshed

Listen To The Full Episode:

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