No matter how well you plan your day, I can guarantee something will come along and mess it up. So how do you keep moving forward, instead of letting that one negative thing bulldoze your entire day? This week’s episode of She Just Glows: The Podcast tackles that exact question.

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As moms, we are so great at controlling the controllables.

And most of the time, we do.

We get up early, we have the laundry done, we did the dishes last night, we organized a carpool so we could get all the kids to their sports.

But what about the other 20 percent of the day? You know, the part that’s totally out of our control?

The baby has a blowout, the kids have bad attitudes, the husband’s in a bad mood, or in my case, you crash your car.

I’ve been driving Suburbans for almost a decade, and never hit a thing. But a few months back, we were staying at a weekend campsite with friends, and when I went to pull out of my parking spot to leave, I crunched the entire passenger side of my car on a small fence I’d forgotten was there.


We all have a version of this story.

So, stuff happens. Now what?

When it comes to navigating crappy situations neutrally, there are a few things that have helped me as I’ve stood at the edge of this-isn’t-a-big-deal and this-will-ruin-my-day.

First, I keep in mind that I can make the choice to not be triggered.

If you think about it, the way our culture uses “being triggered” is a total cop out.

It’s basically saying, “I’m upset, and now whatever happens is out of my control and I’m not accountable for it.”

While I believe there are absolutely real instances in which we can be triggered due to trauma in our past, etc., I’ve realized that being triggered — or not — is absolutely within my control.

Here’s how to live that out.

I stop in the moment and make the one-second choice to not go down the negative road, and instead, come up with a plan to handle the problem.

In this case, it was simple.

I simply opened my Google Calendar on my phone and inputted a “call re: Suburban repair” event for the next business day.


Rather than letting crappy situations happen to you, you have the power to decide how you will respond.

Stop giving away that power with a knee-jerk response and muscle memory that says you need to be pissed and reactive.

By taking a second to process, you can reclaim your power and protect that valuable energy that only you can offer this world.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

  • What your 1-Second Joy Insurance is + how to use it
  • 4 guardrails to stop unplanned negatives from crashing your day
  • The Tsunami Effect of negatives and how to avoid it
  • Why “being triggered” is usually a cop out

Listen To The Full Episode:

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