This week’s She Just Glows: The Podcast episode dives deep into the art of controlling your calendar.

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Every day, I hear from so many moms who are scattered and stressed out. They don’t really know why. They just know they are a slave to their schedule, and they continually come up short.

This might be you if:

  • You usually show up to kids’ birthday parties without a gift or have to stop on the way.
  • You often run out of groceries because you forgot to put them on your list, and then have to wait a few days before you get to the store.
  • You’re usually late and you always have a good reason.
  • You know important events are coming up, but by the time the day comes, you have forgotten because you are too scattered on the actual day to remember.
  • You think a lot about what you “need to do” during a day and depend on your memory to recall those things when it’s time.

Building a life of joy and purpose starts with having a plan. And you can’t have a plan if you don’t have a calendar.

Your calendar is where everything lives. Every single event, meeting, school function and to-do list item should live in one calendar. This way, everything you need to know for your day is in one place.

No more remembering! Write it all down.

I’ve shared tons of my favorite calendar tricks in previous posts, but today, I want to focus on what goes on that calendar, and what doesn’t.

Building a life you love is really quite simple. It’s choices. It’s priorities.

It’s commitments, and lack thereof. 

Building a life you love starts with the art of controlling your calendar.

I like to think of myself as my family’s time gatekeeper. I decide what stays and what goes.

So, decide today for yourself: I am in charge of my calendar.

Your busy schedule didn’t happen to you. You did that to yourself.

So now it’s time to undo it.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

  • How to quit things that don’t give you life (and why you should)
  • 4 guidelines I use in my personal scheduling so that I’m not swallowed by my schedule
  • How to batch work so you’re more efficient and your output is better
  • 5 samples of exactly what to say when canceling plans or backing out of commitments
  • How to fight the fear of disappointing people
  • Real-life schedule changes to make today to stop squandering your family time
  • The inherent lie in our “busier is better” performance culture

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