This is a slice of real life with ungrateful kids. And sometimes, I find that the lessons I’m trying to teach them are really what I need myself.

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We’d just finished at the park, and everyone was hungry.

My husband was out-of-town, so I made a rare, Fun Mom declaration. (You know, those rare times when you can offer your kids something fun that is actually convenient and a break for you too?)

“Guys, we’re going to get McDonald’s for dinner!”

Now, we don’t go to drive-thrus much, so of course I expected cheers from the backseat.

A sullen “Can I get a McFlurry?” was the only response.


Now I would’ve much preferred: “Thanks Mom! You’re the greatest mom in the whole wide world!” But, I went with it. Their behavior had been good that day, so a sweet treat would be fine.

We pulled up to the drive-thru, ordered all of our dinner items, plus 2 small Oreo McFlurries and 1 small M&M.

When we got to the window, a McFlurry and an arm were hanging out, and the woman attached to it said, “I’m so sorry. I accidentally made a medium M&M McFlurry. Are you okay with that or do you want me to make a small?”

“Nope, that’s great!” I said and congratulated the kid who ordered the M&M McFlurry as I handed it back.

Well, then it started.

The whining. The crying. The unfairness of it all. Because one brother got a medium McFlurry and the others got the smalls that we ordered.

And so I said something that was true for them. And it’s true for me too.

“Guys, listen up. You want to know something? It is much easier to choose to be grateful in this situation than to be ungrateful.”

It’s so true.

Choosing to be grateful is always the easier choice.

First of all, it makes you happier. You can enjoy your McFlurry and savor its flavors because you are coming from a place of gratefulness instead of discontent.

Second of all, being ungrateful does not change the circumstances. Being upset that this happened will not change the McFlurry size. It’s all about our perspective.

Also, being grateful is so much more fun!

“If you decide to be grateful for your McFlurry right now, I can guarantee it will taste better and you will have more fun through the rest of today.”


Because our perception of our world becomes our reality.

If we are always complaining or seeing what others have and letting that comparison steal our joy, what’s left?

Gratitude is so much more fun.

So the next time your kids are arguing over McFlurries or who gets to play X-Box next, remind them of this:

Being grateful is easier and more fun.

It’s a choice. It’s a mindset. And your mindset builds your entire life.

Who knows? Maybe gratitude can help you in those tough moments too.

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  • Why gratitude is easier and so much more fun than complaining
  • The choice you make as a mom when you compare

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