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A few weeks back, I celebrated 1 year without alcohol.

Yep, a whole year!

But before that, for several years, I did a dance.

Loving alcohol.

And hating what it was doing to me.

But then doing it again.

Today, alcohol is totally irrelevant to my life.

But it was a journey that began long before my last hangover.

For several years, I teetered between loving alcohol and knowing it wasn’t good for me.

Things were great, and then I’d have a horrible hangover and swear it off for a week or even a month.

Eventually, I forgot why I had stopped, tried to drink again in moderation, eventually drank more than I’d planned, and after a few months, I was down the same hole.

So, what changed?

I’m going to share what made me actually stop drinking, and why it finally stuck.

If you know alcohol isn’t helping you, but you aren’t sure how to change, this episode is for you.

It’s a huge bridge to cross, for sure. But you can do it.

On one side, we have the island of drinking.

It’s a good time. Until it’s not.

On the other side is your life without alcohol. You still have fun. You still take risks. You do not die.

But how do you get there?

Today, I’m going to share how to cross that bridge.

The water below the bridge is dark and scary.

We don’t know what this journey will look like.

But we do know that your life will improve — that your life without alcohol will be better than your life with alcohol. (I mean, I’ve never met someone who’s said, “Man I really regret not drinking!”)

That being said, I am not here to villainize drinking. I will never say drinking is bad or you’re bad if you drink. This is simply my story.

I will never shame myself for my past drinking.

I was simply doing the best I could.

But, I’ve found a better way.

And today I’m sharing it with you.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

  • The story behind the shameful morning I finally decided “I’m done”
  • Why taking a break from alcohol feels like betraying a loyal companion
  • My life of teetering between loving alcohol and hating what it did to me
  • How to separate your feelings from facts: your cravings versus the truth about alcohol
  • The 4 ways I knew I was done with alcohol, and why it finally stuck
  • 5 truths about alcohol in your life

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