Welcome to a sneak peak of Episode 1 of She Just Glows: The Podcast! First up, we’re attacking the idea that you can’t get started until your life is perfect.

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Ever put something off because everything wasn’t perfect?

You weren’t ready. You didn’t feel confident enough. You didn’t have enough time. The kids weren’t in school yet. Your weight wasn’t back down. You were in a crisis. Your marriage was in a tough spot. Your friends wouldn’t understand.

We all have reasons we hold back on pushing toward our goals because of a limiting belief that everything needs to be in alignment first.

I can’t guarantee you much in life, but I can guarantee you this:

If you wait until life is perfect before you build a life you really want, it will never happen.

Did you hear that?

It will never happen.

So, we have 2 choices:

  1. We can wait until everything aligns and we have the time and the focus and the confidence and the marriage and the body. And then we can tiptoe toward our goals. (Hint: We’ve already established this is not effective.)
  2. We can dig in and decide now that we will just get started. Right now. Without delay.

What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

  • How to determine the right goals for you right now
  • Why your “better is better” mindset is killing you
  • The 3 main reasons we think we need to wait for things to align
  • How to rise above your fear that you’ll fail because you’re not perfect
  • How to use what you have right now to build the life you want
  • My favorite 5 strategies to just get started today
  • The value in shifting from a deprivation mindset to an abundance mindset

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