I’m almost 40, and in the midst of an 8-week challenge to get into the best physical, mental and emotional shape of my life. I’m doing a few things that are really working, and I’m sharing them!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a BIG announcement, and to watch a Facebook Live where I talk all about living your life out loud, including righting your relationships, focusing on sleep and learning to stop asking for others’ permission to build a life where you thrive.

You feeling stuck in a rut? Unmotivated? Maybe a little anxious?

Something is missing.

But what?


We are all there sometimes.

Do you know the most motivated people you know aren’t always motivated?

It seems obvious. Duh, we’re all human.

But sometimes we need a reminder that life, for all of us, ebbs and flows.

Even your trainer and Tony Robbins and the most motivated and disciplined people you follow on Instagram aren’t always motivated and disciplined.

It’s a practice in how you think.

It’s all about mindset.

This week, I’ve been sharing the diet and exercise commitment I’ve been following for the last 5 weeks as I approach my 40th birthday. I have 3 more weeks!

It’s not about depriving myself or hating my body. It’s not about punishment or torture.

This is a fun challenge that I want to do to feel that I am at my peak when I turn the big 4-0 on October 4. (Shout out to all the 1981 babies out there!)

If you’re curious about the diet and exercise plan, head to my InstaStories Highlight and I share it all there. I’ll also try to update this post with all of that at some point, but today is not the day.

No matter what part of life you need help thriving in — whether it’s diet and exercise, or confidence and gratitude, or taking a break from that bottle of wine every night, or manifesting the right relationships for your mental health, or finding joy in the trenches of motherhood — changing the path of your life all boils down to one changing one thing: MINDSET.

Here’s the thing about mindset.

You’re in control of it.

No one gets to change your mindset.

If they do, it’s because you let them.

I could talk so much more about this, but I’ll save that for the Facebook Live below.

For now, a few things.

First, you get to write the story of your own life.

No one else can do this for you.

So if that means letting your husband deal with your toxic mother-in-law, take a step back and let that happen.

If that means saying no to that get-together because you don’t want to be a hangover pool of anxiety the next morning, “I can’t make it. I need rest,” is the perfect reply.

If that means I’m not going to see a carb for 8 weeks and stay true to my exercise commitment because it creates a fire in my soul that I love, I’m going to freaking do it.

Own your life.

If not now, when?

Time is moving. Life is happening.

You are out of time for a life of tiptoeing around others’ invisible rules for you.

Your friends, your neighbors, your kids’ friends, your aunt.


You get to write the story of your own life.

You became an adult a long time ago.

This means you don’t need to ask anyone permission to make choices that help you thrive in your own life.

If you need permission still, I am giving it to you right now.

Show up for yourself.

Do things that put a fire in your soul.

Now is Your Time.

I’m so glad you’re here, and there’s so much more I could say but it’s all in the Facebook Live. If you’re interested in one-on-one private coaching, I am taking clients for my first-ever Joy Coaching With Janie coaching cycle! Let me help you find that fire again. I KNOW it’s in there.