In life, sometimes we only get one instant to make a difference. Use it!

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Alright, I know this sounds corny.

But I have this song that I rock out to when I need to access my inner grit.

You know, that part in your playlist that when it comes on, you dial in your focus and go inward and everything else fades into the background?

You are in the zone, and nothing will stop you.

It always comes at the perfect time during my morning run. The part of the run when I’m a little fatigued, and I can either increase my pace or start winding down.

I need a little bit of a push, and this song always does it.

It’s an Eminem song called “Lose Yourself.” (I know, I’m cringing too. Pause for laughter.)

And it opens with a provocative question.

What if we only have one shot, one opportunity to seize everything we ever wanted? Would we take it, or let it slip away?

One of the verses talks about when Eminem goes on-stage, and he’s nervous and feels like he’s about to throw up, and he chokes. And then the moment’s over and the spotlight’s moved on.

As I push one leg in front of the other, dialing up the pace of my run and pondering these powerful words, my mind always goes to life.

Sometimes, we just have one instant to make a difference, and to seize our dreams. But do we take it?

It can be that moment in the grocery store, when you feel led to give a stranger a compliment. Her shoes are really cute. And you know a compliment would change her day. You are about to pass her in two seconds. Do you push through the awkwardness to blanket her with encouragement, or slink back because it’s just too weird to speak to someone you don’t know in Publix?

It can be the instant when you realize you’re being led to jump off into an unknown career opportunity, and there have been so many signs that this is the way to go. You’re scared, and you can’t imagine it will work out. You have one day before the opening will pass. Do you force yourself to send that email and start the journey, or do you force your thoughts elsewhere because you’re not up to the challenge?

It can be that moment you put the baby down, and you promised yourself you’d workout today. Once you sit on the couch, you know it’s not happening. And you have that short walk from the baby’s crib to your room to make your decision. Will you change into your workout clothes and lace up your shoes, or will you find a blanket and cuddle up on the couch, only to regret it later?

So many small choices.

And many of them come and go in an instant.

Are you ready to level up?

Because the moment will come.

Let’s be ready to harness the courage to make the mark on this world that we were made to.

Also, always keep an Eminem song in your backup playlist.

And when you jam out, remember this:

Your inner grit is a most powerful thing.

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