Doing it perfectly and at your fastest pace isn’t the only way.

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So many of you have asked about what’s behind my body transformation.

About a year and a half ago, I changed my eating habits and recommitted to exercising five days a week.

In one word, I decided to become consistent with taking care of myself.

But that wasn’t the only thing.

I also gave myself permission for imperfect progress.

In other words, I don’t have to do everything perfectly and at my fastest pace in order to be satisfied with my progress.

I often think about this during my morning run.

Two to three mornings a week, no matter what, I leave the house before sunrise and go on a 40-minute run around my neighborhood.

Sometimes, I am so pumped about my sacred time alone for this run that I actually think about it as I fall asleep the night before. I picture my legs extending as long as they can, as I breathe in the clean morning air and let my body exhale all the stresses of daily life with four little ones.

But, girl. Let me tell you.

I am not always feeling it.

Actually, more times than not, it’s a struggle to get outside and get motivated to run.

Sometimes, I’m just so tired I wish I could stay curled up in bed.

Other times, my body doesn’t feel great. My back is sore, or my right knee is hurting again.

Sometimes, it’s Monday morning, and all my unhealthy eating choices from the weekend weigh me down and I just don’t feel like it.

I’m always coming from a different mental spot. But I always show up to the exact same physical spot.

Because I made the commitment to show up for myself.

And so, I lace up my shoes. I start my music and my distance tracking app. I put my earbuds in my ears, velcro my phone to my arm. AND I GO.

And you know what I’ve realized?

This is kind of crazy, so get ready for it.

I almost always run about the same distance in that time.

Did you catch that?

It doesn’t matter if I’m tired or groggy or in a bad mood, or excited and pumped and totally energized, I still almost always go the exact same distance.

You know what that means?

Even if you’re not feeling it today, you can still go far.

Even if you’re tired today, you can still go far.

Even if you’re not motivated today, you can still make you a priority.

Show up for yourself.

The rest of the run will happen.

Don’t worry about your pace. You’ll still get there.

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