Last month, I did not log onto social media for 31 days, and it was glorious. And it got me thinking about something. What if I only follow people who bring me joy?

I shared a meme on my Instagram Stories the other day, and a lot of you loved it.

Life Hack: You literally don’t have to be friends with people you don’t like.

It’s so freeing.

It’s so true.

It’s so… obvious.

As one of you said, “How come no one ever told me I don’t have to be friends with people I don’t like?”

It got me thinking about how the same is true on social media.

You know… that sinking, not-good-enough, fat, ugly feeling that can sometimes take over your spirit when you see those glossy, happy, ‘exclamation point’ photos on your feed?

Sometimes, I find myself looking at their photo, and then scrolling to my profile and suddenly realize how mismatched, grainy and totally flawed my own life looks.

Here’s the deal with those accounts.

You can unfollow them.

Literally, you don’t have to follow people who make you feel bad.

On Instagram, just hit unfollow. On Facebook, you can unfollow them and they don’t even know. You can also unfriend or even block.

Take that crap out of your feed. Life’s too short. Plus, what they’re sharing isn’t even real anyway.

As I’ve always said, when I unfollow someone, it has nothing to do with them. And everything to do with me. It’s nothing they’ve done. It’s simply how I interpret their photos, accounts and updates.

Don’t feel bad about it.

Unfollow and move on.

Who’s going to try this? Head to the Facebook page and let me know!