You guys. It’s not just us.

Bad behavior after school is totally a thing! I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the article in my Facebook feed. It talks about a phenomenon that occurs at my house every single school day.

The kids get home. And act crazy.

Apparently, it’s not just us.

Home across the country turn to virtual goat rodeos (my husband’s term for our house, don’t you love it?) on the daily. And there’s actually a name for it: after-school restraint collapse.

The gist is, kids are minding and behaving well all day at school, and then they get home and act crazy. (Sound familiar? Check out my Facebook Live at the end of this post to see my after-school monkeys in full effect!)

In a nutshell, you’ll see kids acting younger than their age, including having tantrums, yelling, screaming and acting out.

I shared this on my Instagram Stories, and a few therapist followers responded with even more encouraging news.

If your kids act out after school, it actually means you’re a good parent!

Yep, you heard that right.


Because it shows that your kid feels safe at home, and is comfortable to ‘let it all hang out.’

So the next time your kids are acting like wild hyenas, remember this.

It means you’re doing everything right.

Can you even believe this? I just love it! What do you do to tame after-school craziness? Head to the Facebook page to share!