Today I yelled. Today I was mean. Today was hard.

Today they disobeyed. Over and over and over.

Today they fought and wouldn’t stop.

They all got up at 3:57am. Today my patience never showed up.

By 6am, they found black Sharpies in my office and drew all over their faces, chests, arms, legs, feet and my desk. I was so angry I didn’t even take a picture (and that says something *wink*).

Today I took them on a fun outing at a busy public place. And they ran away from me. Over and over.

On the way home, they fell asleep and woke up when we got home. Today there were no naps.

By 2:15pm, I looked at the clock and wanted to cry.

Today was hard.

Today my husband’s been gone for 3 days and it shows.

I’m not sharing Today because I want you to feel bad for me.

I’m sharing this because we’ve all had some version of Today.

Today there were timeouts and I tried to use my angry words to shame my kids into obeying but it didn’t work. It just made me ugly and mean.

Today I am not proud of myself, my kids or my parenting.

But the good thing is… Today is almost over.

They are in bed now, and so am I.

Tomorrow is almost here.

And dear Jesus, let’s hope it starts after 3:57am.