Yes I am writing a whole post about this because it is THAT awesome. And as you know, I’m all about time-saving, no-stress hacks for life with little ones! Here’s the best snack to bring to a playdate.

I am loving my new snack that I bring to every playdate!

Here’s the deal.

It’s cheap.

It’s easy.

And it’s small.

What does this mean? It means I can slip it into my diaper bag, so it’s not one more thing to carry when I’m wrangling 2 little people, carrying a baby, diaper bag and everything else we need to leave the house.

It is…

A bag of uncooked popcorn.

That’s right. I know I’m blowing your mind right now.

I love that it’s convenient, inexpensive, easy and I always have it on-hand.

When I get to my friends’ house, I usually just pop it in her microwave, and ask to borrow a bowl to put it in. And the funny thing is, the kids usually want the popcorn more than any of the other treats on the food table.

Again, easy.

No fuss. No shame. No big deal.

(Yes, it’s true that some recommend not letting babies eat popcorn, so I usually reserve this for playdates with big kids.)

So the next time you’re invited to a playdate or class party or, heck, a moms’ night in, and you don’t know what to bring, don’t feel like making anything and are too cheap or too lazy to go to the store, no shame, girl.

Just slip one of these puppies into your purse and call it a day.


What are your favorite to-go snacks or dishes for bringing to a playdate? Post your recipes in the comments section, or head to the Facebook page to post a picture in the comments!