The Struggle is Real: My Kids Eat All Day

So here’s the deal, kids.


I am done.

It is 9:45 and you’ve had 2 breakfasts, 4 servings of pretzels, a rice cake and a sandwich each.

I know you’re growing, but seriously. There is no way you are still hungry. It cannot be possible.

The sound of that pantry door opening has sent me over the edge at least a handful of times this morning.

And so now, yes, that is my hair tie.

Because honestly, desperate times.

And because the pointless non-childproof childproof lock needed some serious help. It’s my hope that, together, they will block, or at least delay, access to the dark abyss where expensive snacks go to die in less than 24 hours in our house.

And so that’s it.

Don’t let me see you even looking at that pantry again.

You’ll be nice and ready for lunch. In an hour.

Still hungry? Go eat an apple.