The fight for babysitters is alive and real, my friends, and you CANNOT be shy.

People ask me how to find babysitters, and I’m like, “Ask anyone you know, and do it now RIGHT NOW.”

Like, the other night, my husband and I were out to dinner, and the hostess was so sweet and, after a minute or 2, I’m like, “Hey! Do you babysit?”

My husband was like, “Please stop.”

But I told him that I could not stop because I must be bold. It is the only way.

I’m 5 years into parenthood, I can tell right off the bat if a babysitter will work out. I am telling you, I have NO SHAME.

I literally took my kids to vacation Bible school this summer, and I walked into my son’s classroom to find that 3 SISTERS were teaching the class.

I had stars in my eyes, and you better believe I sealed the deal right then and there. Phone numbers in my phone and texts sent.

You have to be ON YOUR GAME, my friends.

Because even if you find a couple great sitters, they eventually must better their future (*sigh* so inconvenient *wink*) and get outside jobs or go to college or some crap like that.

Or, they want more money. (Listen, these girls make BANK. Like, $12-15 an hour for a high schooler? It’s insane.) But when they ask for more, I don’t even bat an eye, and I’m like, “Yes, that’s fine.”

The struggle is real.

Keep the faith.

Do not give up.

Find your girls, pay them more than you ever dreamed of making when you babysat, and know that they will eventually leave you, and you still have to start over.

My best advice is stop at nothing to make sure that list is stacked.

Finding Babysitters is Impossible