When your preschooler pees the bed at 2am and then the baby’s up teething at 3am, and you finally lay back in bed at 4am and you know your day starts at 5:30am, but you can’t fall asleep and it’s quiet and your thoughts turn to what’s for dinner tomorrow and am I parenting well or did I yell too much today and why did I say that negative comment to my husband and I wish I had Halloween decorations out and a well-decorated home and will I ever lose that baby weight.

Something about the overnight hours brings me to the self-critical, the negative, the regretful, the sad.

Because in the dark, the thoughts are dark too.

It’s in those moments that I have to remind myself of one thing: I AM ENOUGH.

And while I’m not perfect, I am doing the important work that I need to be doing. I am doing the best I can. I was created with Purpose. And then I tell myself that I can be everything I need to be… as long as I just love myself first.

Thank goodness, tomorrow is a new day that doesn’t remember the mistakes and regrets of yesterday.

Today, I can be more patient, more loving, more “together.” (And maybe if I wear yoga pants all day, it’s just as good as working out? *wink*)

Tomorrow, I will try again.

Good morning, Sunshine. It’s time to brew some coffee, and let your beautiful light shine on the world around you.

In the Middle of the Night, I Wonder if I'm Failing at Parenting She JustGlows.com