We were in the midst of Tropical Storm Colin last week. And after yet another intense downpour, we looked out front to see our whole street underwater.

In typical Florida fashion, the storm had passed.

The sun was shining. The clouds had cleared.

And naturally, the kids wanted to go splash around in that water.

At first, I said no.

(After all, it’s a street! It’s dirty water! There are storm drains nearby!)

But then, something in my head said, STOP.

Do it.

Make a memory.

Experience this moment.

Your kids will remember.

Dear Moms, Stop Supervising and Start Playing SheJustGlows.com

I’m noticing that when I stop to experience life’s simple pleasures with my kids, rather than spectating, everything is so much more fun for all of us.

It’s almost like I give myself permission to let go and be a kid again for a few minutes.

And then, I get to see life through my children’s wonder-filled, excitable eyes.

Everything is new and fresh.

The colors are brighter.

The sounds are louder.

Everything is more poignant.

Have more fun.

Don’t just watch your kids experience life.

Get dirty, get wet, get imaginative.

Be right in the moment with them.

It’s so much more fun than supervising.