This week, you may have noticed our first sponsor on the right sidebar of! Jennifer Burby, of The Champagne Supernova, liked the blog so much that she contacted me to become a sponsor, so I wanted to introduce you to this dynamite mom-of-2, full-time attorney and lifestyle blogger who literally does it all.

What I wanted to know is, how does she do it? Here are her tips, in her words:

How to Be a Supernova Mom

How to Be a Supernova Mom:
5 Tips for Doing it All
1. Do what you authentically want to do. I was reluctant to start blogging because of the perception that bloggers are vain and narcissistic, and I didn’t want to be stereotyped that way. I was terrified to click “publish” on the first few blog posts because I was worried that people wouldn’t like what they were reading. I got over these things pretty quickly. Life is short and you can’t let other people dictate how you’ll live. Reality: I purely and authentically love writing and having an outlet to share my creativity. The less I care what people think, the more positively people respond to what I’m doing. Go figure. Decide what you want to do and go do it.
2. Do whatever you can to simplify your life. We recently hired a “mother’s helper” to essentially get us out of the house each morning. She gets to the house in the morning and cleans, does laundry, and makes lunch and dinner. Hiring her is a financial sacrifice that’s worth every cent. Do what you can to simplify your life.
3. Learn to say “no.” I recently had to abandon some prior commitments because they weren’t how I wanted to spend my free time. This is related to number 1, but don’t spend your valuable time sitting at meetings you don’t want to attend, with people you don’t genuinely enjoy, or attending commitments you shouldn’t have agreed to in the first place.
4. Spend time with people who inspire you. Like the saying goes, you’ll never soar with the eagles if you’re hanging out with the turkeys. Spend your free time with people who will encourage and inspire you to fulfill your passions, with people who have great ideas of their own, and with people who love and celebrate you. Everyone else is a waste of time.
5. There is no real way to “do it all.” Don’t let others’ public images of perfection trigger your own insecurities. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. It will set you back. We all have struggles and weaknesses, and there is no way to honestly do it all. Just do what you can do.
How to Be a Supernova Mom
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Jennifer Burby is not only an attorney, wife, mama, snot wiper-upper and baby booty wiper, but she’s also a resident knee-slapper at her humor and lifestyle blog, The Champagne Supernova. When she’s not bossing people around or ruling her roost, she enjoys pretending to be a professional photographer and writing the great American novel. Or better yet, daydreaming about actually having spare time to write the great American novel. Jennifer lives in Tampa, Florida, with her husband, Jason, and daughters, Arden and Elle. Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest!