This is what a real house looks like

If you’ve been on Pinterest or Instagram for any amount of time lately, you might have had an urge to kill yourself as you look at the perfectly-clean hardwood floors, expertly-organized kid rooms and all around, model-looking homes where the kids are clean and the moms are perfect.

Here’s the deal.

That’s not my world.

And I’m guessing it’s not yours either.

That’s why I’m glad I have friends like reader Gina C., who recently shared these true-to-life pictures of what her house really looks like with 2 kids under 6.

Here’s her laundry table. (You’ve seen mine many times, too.)

This is What a Real House Looks Like

And, let’s be real. We could all take a picture of our sinks looking like this. Like, right now.

This is What a Real House Looks Like

The fridge is a combination of last weekend’s leftovers and 17 meals that are decaying before our very eyes.

This is What a Real House Looks Like

And, of course, every mom knows that this is what happens when you don’t pick up after your kids. For, like, a half day. (And why there’s good reason stay-at-home moms get nothing done all day.)

This is What a Real House Looks Like  This is What a Real House Looks Like

Alright, cough ’em up! What does your house really look like right now? Head to our Facebook page, look for the post and add your own “real house series” photos in the comments. I might share them in a future post! ‘Cause nothing’s better than realizing everyone else has a dirty house, too.

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